From Concept to Commercial Operation
Portrait of Mark Warner, Owner of Warner Advisors LLC

Mark Warner Has Co-Founded Liberation Labs and closed Warner Advisors

Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for seven years of tremendous support for Warner Advisors – you gave me the gift of getting to share in your dreams to build a better tomorrow.  Through that work, the lack of fermentation capacity for precision fermentation became a bottleneck for your success.  Accordingly, my co-founder, Etan Bendheim, and I formed Liberation Labs to facilitate the future of food.  Learn more at

Cheers!  Mark

Our Value Proposition

The value proposition offered by Warner Advisors is the unmatched track record of success in taking technologies from the lab to commercial scale. Having worked for four companies who have held the #1 spot in biofuels digest’s top company list, combined with nearly 10 years and over 500 million dollars spent commercializing emerging biotechnology processes, we provide a unique and valuable perspective. This comes both in the form of traditional consulting and also as a drop-in head of engineering during the commercialization phase.